Facebook Valuation

Consensus on the valuation of facebook came out today – median price target is $38 a share in a range of $25 – 45.  My estimate puts it at $33.88 based on current stock price and major assumptions about future earnings and CAPEX.  Using a perpetuity for the growth of FB’s revenues of 3.5% growth my valuation ends up at around $25, however, I prefer to use the Forward P/E to get the terminal value in a DCF (especially for high growth companies) – which is what puts my model’s value at $33.88.  So, my rating would be a NEUTRAL/HOLD – which is also the consensus.  Another large assumption is the beta I assigned FB=1.0 – remains to be seen what it actually is.




Jason is an technical business professional who has deep hands-on technical experience as a software engineer and architect and has leveraged this experience to transition from project leadership into product management. He holds a MS in Computer Science from Northeastern University and an MBA from Babson College. He is continuously striving to learn and experience new challenges.

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One comment on “Facebook Valuation
  1. So with a price of $21 today, seems like the growth rate would have been better than the Forward P/E – perhaps FB is beyond the “high growth” phase of its lifecycle

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