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FireEye and Mandiant

FireEye bought Mandiant for almost as much as Facebook bought Instagram for. I don’t know which part of that is sad yet. What I do know is that the deal is in a space I’ve been watching very closely (cyber

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Stockbot v1.0 activated – focused on inter-day trading. Simple regression based trading against S+P with a heuristic that brackets using historical standard deviation from the equity’s 200 day moving average. Updating indices every hour. v1.1 will have a new bot

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Facebook Valuation

Consensus on the valuation of facebook came out today – median price target is $38 a share in a range of $25 – 45. ┬áMy estimate puts it at $33.88 based on current stock price and major assumptions about future

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AAPL Fall 2011 Equity Valuation Model

AAPL Fall 2011 Equity Valuation Model

Apparently I was being conservative – price per share @ June 28 = $572 vs $511 valuation. Price per share in Fall 2011 = $400

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