Internal Rate of Return for Business Case Development

The internal rate of return (or IRR) is a great metric for evaluating business cases and investment opportunities.  It’s related to the Net Present Value of expected cash flows for an investment in that its the discount rate at which

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Making an iOS HTML5/Javascript app with Geolocation Still Work in the Background

It’s great that HTML5/Javascript is an option for making apps on the iPhone and most every other mobile device today, but you quickly run into limitations if you want to do anything that uses the users current location information (for

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We’ve just released an alpha version of a concept we’ve been working on for a mobile app focused on geo-temporal messaging.  Huh?  It lets you leave messages in the world for your friends to “pick up” and receive via their

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Product Management and Agile Development

I think many times the role of product management within the Agile/SCRUM process can be somewhat vague, but mostly ends up being the product or business owner role (or both) in the process.  Generally speaking, most product managers handle one

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Apache Streams (incubating)

I’ve been involved in a new Apache project (incubating) called Apache Streams.  It’s my first time working in the ASF.  A description of the project is below: Apache Streams is an effort undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) sponsored by

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Facebook Valuation

Consensus on the valuation of facebook came out today – median price target is $38 a share in a range of $25 – 45.  My estimate puts it at $33.88 based on current stock price and major assumptions about future

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AAPL Fall 2011 Equity Valuation Model

AAPL Fall 2011 Equity Valuation Model

Apparently I was being conservative – price per share @ June 28 = $572 vs $511 valuation. Price per share in Fall 2011 = $400

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